FileCenter 11.0

Browse and edit your files, organize folders and cloud content

Developed by Lucion Technologies, FileCenter is a software program created to help individuals better manage their filesystem. It's very useful for small offices document management and it provides search and integration with cloud services, along with a PDF editor.

Visually, it has a standard GUI, with a nice mixture of blue and white theme colors, properly crafted menu icons and well-delimited page sections. One minor con is the size of the text font that could've been bigger.

As I mentioned in the beginning, FileCenter allows users to perform various file management operations. They can make files full-text searchable with OCR, apply consistent folder templates as well as page separators to break apart and route documents.
More, it provides the means to perform PDF editing within FileCenter DMS. Users can enjoy a built-in PDF editor, that has a tabbed interface to keep multiple PDFs open at once. Also, insertion and deletion of page files, as well as PDFs digital signature is also available.
Furthermore, it's able to convert PDFs to Word or Excel, recover deleted network files and emails files as PDFs.

To summarize, FileCenter is a comprehensive file management program, capable of performing various operations and fulfill numerous tasks. The price seems a bit too high, the software sometimes freezes and the learning curve can be considered deep. These aren't major flaws, so you should give it a try.

John Saunders
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  • Converts PDFs to Word or Excel
  • Recovers deleted network files
  • Has a built-in PDF editor


  • The software freezes at times
  • Has deep learning curve
  • Seems overpriced
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